Staging? What's Staging?

When people ask me what I do, I’m surprised when they often ask “What is home staging?”

As an avid watcher of all of the TV home improvement shows it seems as if home staging should be a common term but I’ve found that to many people it’s a novel concept. So for those new to the idea, here is a little information about this valuable service.

Home staging aims to turn your home into an irresistible product for marketing and selling quickly and for top dollar. More than just cleaning and decorating, it’s all about creating some magic for the potential buyer. Successful staging makes your house look spacious, bright, warm and inviting- so inviting that your buyer will fall in love with and begin to imagine living in your home.
Staging is about putting the finishing touches on the home sale preparations. Before staging a home it is important to take care of all of the basics:
Perform any needed repairs and complete any half-finished home improvement projects. Things like leaky faucets, chipped laminate and missing pieces of molding will convince your potential buyers that your home hasn’t been very well maintained. Also, be sure your home is decluttered, spotlessly clean and fresh smelling- mold or pet odors are sure deal breakers. Consider hiring professional cleaners if this seems an overwhelming task. Your stager can give conduct a detailed staging consultation that will point out things to take care of before staging that won't cost alot but will make a huge difference in the way your home looks and feels to a potential buyer.
Once these issues have been addressed, you’re ready for your professional home stager to dress your house for a fast and profitable sale. Beginning by using what you already have in the best possible ways, a stager can bring in a few additional pieces when needed to give it a more updated look that will appeal to a broad market of potential buyers. She’ll accentuate it's best features, detract from the negative aspects and give it a wonderfully open and inviting feeling. Stagers want to inspire a buyer to imagine themselves living in the home because they’ve fallen in love with it- ultimately that is what will make the sale!
Home staging is an essential piece of your home’s marketing plan and thankfully does not have to cost a lot of money- all that may be needed is careful editing, rearranging and the addition of some inexpensive finishing touches to create better flow, space and a warm atmosphere for welcoming your buyers “home”.

If you are thinking of selling your house, please consider the services of a professional home stager. Your home will sell faster and for the best possible price, likely far more than your investment in staging.