A Teen Bedroom Grows Up

Has your messy and care-free teen suddenly morphed into a thoughtful and looking-to- the-future young woman? This is the story of one young lady's bedroom make-over journey from teenage turmoil into a more calm, sophisticated look and lifestyle.

So tired of the jarring red, white, black and blue color scheme, my young client already had an idea of the colors she wanted to use in her room. Our first task was to sort through multiple paint chips of various shades of purple, grey and white. Once we decided on a few options, we purchased small sample jars and tested them on the wall- glad we took the time to do this as our first choice turned out to be too pale and blah for her perfect purple vision. Another shade we tried turned out to be just right so we narrowed down our grey and white samples and had our final color pallet. She loved it and was so excited to get to work and start painting!


Once the painting was done we put the room back together, reusing what we could and purchasing a few inexpensive items to finish the look.


What was reused or repurposed:

The bed, curtains and rods and the bedspread

"Love" artwork

Cedar chest- freshly painted with the room's trim color

The headboard was given to her by a friend


What we purchased:

The bedside table $29

Lamp $19

Scrollart over bed $32

Venice art $13

Black wicker wall plant holder $2 at a garage sale

Clock $30

Sheets $30

Silver pillowcases $12

White fur pillow $7

Butterfly chair $19

Dresser from Goodwill- painted it the same color as the room's trim


All accessories were purchased at local stores such as Target, Ross and TJ Maxx- good places to shop at great prices. Paint made the biggest difference and cost less than a hundred dollars. All in all a few hundred dollars made for a budget-friendly project and a valuable investment in creating a personal and inviting space a young woman can be proud of and call her own as she completes her transition into an independent adult.


FYI- the colors used in this transformation are:

Walls- Benjamin Moore- Nightingale

Accent Wall- Sherwin Williams- Plum Dandy

Ceiling and Trim- Benjamin Moore- Gardenia