Now- Stage and Style Your Home With a Convenient Remote Consultation

Though times are challenging with Covid-19 impacting our lives, homeowners still desire to improve their houses- either for selling or for enjoying living in every day. With much of our time spent at home, now may be an opportunity to create a beautiful and welcoming space for all.  

While we are not offering in-home services currently, we are continuing to assist our clients while practicing social distancing by providing Remote Staging to Sell and Styling to Stay Consultations.


How we work with you:

Please schedule your call through the gold Schedule a Consultation button following the service descriptions below.


You'll receive a confirmation email with instructions for our call, how to provide photos of your home to us and a link to an easy questionnaire we request you fill out right away so that we can do some advance planning for your space prior to our consultation.


The day of our scheduled call we’ll consult together with you through Zoom video conferencing or by phone, giving you practical recommendations for staging or styling your home making the most of what you already have.


Within three days you'll receive a color printable report detailing our recommendations that will help you accomplish your goals for your home.



Now more than ever buyers are relying on online listing photos to get a first impression feel for your home. Prepare for your successful sale by taking advantage of our basic and affordable Remote Consultation Service. We’ll tour your home virtually with you, assess it's current marketability then provide our recommendations for editing, rearranging and refreshing each room, concentrating on highlighting the positives while making the most of what you already have to maximize it’s selling potential! 


Recommendations include:

• Cost-effective cleaning, repairs and improvements 

• Editing excess furnishings and possessions

• Optimal furniture arrangements and creating a spacious and inviting flow

• Purchasing a few key items for updating the look of your home inexpensively

• Tips for styling each space for gorgeous marketing photos


Following our consultation you'll receive a printable detailed, room by room Market Ready DIY Staging Plan (see sample report) that will help you organize your time and tasks and save you time. Includes bonus sheets with cleaning tips, preparing for your open house and showings checklists, staging accessories shopping and resource lists and more. 



Home analysis, study and staging strategy planning prior to our call  
Consultation of up to two hours with you by phone or Zoom video conferencing
Creating and emailing your custom printable Market Ready DIY Staging Plan 

Investment $250

Are you a bit bored of your rooms looking the same day after day? Or maybe you have beautiful things to decorate with but can’t quite seem to pull everything together in a cohesive look. My practical and affordable approach to design will artfully use what you already have in a fresh way to create an environment that is beautiful and personal to you, inspiring you to say, “I love and feel at home in each room of my house!” 


Depending on your goals, our consultation may address:

• Editing excess furnishings and possessions

• Furniture arrangements for a spacious and inviting flow

• Key items to buy for updating the look inexpensively

• Hanging artwork and accessorizing  your fireplace, coffee table, bookshelves, dining table, etc

• Dressing your bed and creating an inviting and peaceful master bedroom haven

• Organizing your master bedroom closet, making it much more functional as well as pleasing to the eye


Following your consultation within three days or less, I’ll email a printable Finishing Touches Styling Report with all of the suggestions I provided that will help you restyle your space with an open, fresh and inviting look you’ll enjoy living with every day!



Home analysis, study and styling strategy planning prior to our call  
Consultation of up to 90 minutes with you by phone or Zoom video conferencing
Creating and emailing your custom printable Finishing Touches Styling Report 

Investment $175

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