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Today’s buyers’ expectations are high- they want homes that feel clean, spacious, look great and are move in ready. Online listing photos are your buyers’ first impression and are all important for getting prospects in to see the home. Photos of dreary, cluttered or empty spaces will cause them to simply pass and go on to the next property. Spaces Streamlined’s professional home staging services are designed to help your home sellers prepare their home for compelling photos and successful marketing. We recommend incorporating a consultation or the Streamlined stage into your standard listing package to ensure a show ready home as well as offer your clients a value added service that will give you an advantage over other agents in your area. For unoccupied homes, we offer vacant staging packages for every budget.

Impress your sellers and assist them in preparing their homes for marketing by providing a personal consultation with your professional staging consultant. We'll respectfully educate them on what buyers are looking for, viewing their home as a product to sell and the importance of fantastic marketing photos then offer recommendations for affordable updates and enhancements for a more appealing and marketable home. Clients may then choose to follow up with hands-on staging for optimal marketing success. 

We’ll get right to work using what the client already has to transform the home. We’ll streamline and artfully arrange to create a light, spacious, more modern look - perfect for Open House events, marketing photos, etc.

Listings featuring photos of vacant, unfurnished spaces are uninspiring and confusing to prospective buyers who have a hard time judging the size and purpose of a room. Gorgeous photos of stylishly furnished rooms will capture buyers’ attention and help them imagine themselves living in the home. Spaces Streamlined offers vacant staging packages customized for every budget.

We want to assist you and your clients in marketing and selling your homes. Contact us today for more information

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How Home Staging Benefits Your Business

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Incorporating home staging in your listing package gives you a huge competitive advantage over the average real estate agent! Imagine holding an open house in the home you’ve had professionally staged and letting potential buyers know you hire a staging professional as part of your listing package. Many times home sellers contact us before getting an agent, so the Realtor Partnership is reciprocal.   


Sell Listings Faster
Statistically, professionally staged homes sell faster than homes that have not been professionally staged. 


Make more money
Home staging is pure economics. When you improve upon a product, you increase the demand thus raise the price. Buyers pay more money for a home that's move in ready- resulting in better commissions for you, as well.


Happy Clients
In a referral-based industry, happy clients mean more listings and the reward of a job well done.


Greatly Improved Marketing
The money you spend on marketing the home on the outside will be twice as effective when you have photos of beautifully staged rooms. With over 90% of home buyers searching the Internet first, it’s critical that your home marketing photos be outstanding and have impact.

Gives You Credibility
When you bring in “experts” who do this for a living it adds to your own credibility. When you’re focused on your own field of interest and outsource to professionals it gives you added credibility in what you’re good at – selling homes!


Protects Your Relationship
Home staging is a form of constructive criticism that sometimes addresses hard issues that you may find difficult to discuss with your sellers. We are trained in wording and handling these issues with delicacy, in fact, our consultation process is built around helping your clients disassociate from their home and see it through buyers' eyes.


Gives You Industry Status
According the NAR, Realtors are more likely to take their clients to homes that have been professionally staged rather than not. When you have a reputation for listing move-in ready homes marketed specifically to buyers, agents will want to show them!


Gives You More Control

A certain dollar amount for a home may be desired but know that unless some changes are made, the client won’t get it. By introducing a consultation or staging, you greatly increase the chances of a maximum dollar sale.


Home Staging is a Valuable Investment

Incorporating a consultation and/or staging into your listing package results in the client doing more to make their home desirable which means greater returns and a faster sale. Once they have their action plan in hand, they are motivated to do what’s necessary and prepare their home for marketing.

 We truly look forward to partnering with you. Let’s work together and help our sellers successfully market their homes, sell them faster and for top dollar! 

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