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 If you are feeling overwhelmed by the “stuff” of life, never ending piles of mail, closets bursting at the seams, tabletops crowded with things that have yet to find a home and too little time to deal with it all, we can help! 

We can help you...

  • Create calm relaxing spaces
  • Feel proud of your home when visitors drop in unexpectedly
  • Know exactly where to find what you need
  • File family documents so that they are easily accessible 
  • Put the perfect outfit together easily from your neat, orderly closet
  • Find more time for doing the things you want to do!

Consultation and Organizing Session

In our initial visit, we'll sit with you and determine where you would like your organizing efforts to ultimately lead you. Do you dream of peaceful surroundings where you can find the things you need as well as unwind with family and friends? Or maybe an organized home office in which to keep track of important paperwork and schedules would be a huge help to you. Whether you need help with a particular room or your entire home, we'll analyze your challenging areas and then craft a plan for accomplishing your organizing goals. This three hour session allows plenty of time to get your project started. Our consultation service can also be used for those who just need some ideas and advice- we can help you make decisions about making your spaces more functional and what should stay or go before spending money on new purchases. $180

Let's Get Organized

Realize your dream of an organized and functional space with hands-on organizing sessions in which together we will streamline and organize your home so that it functions better, makes your life easier and looks great! We'll begin with a quick tour of your home and a few questions to determine your family's unique organizing challenges and solutions, then in most cases we can dive right in and make progress right away.

$180 per 3 hour session

Ten Hour Discount Packages

Purchase a ten hour package for any of our organizing services and receive a ten percent discount! Ten hours $540

Pre-Move Decluttering

If you are moving, we can help you decide what to take with you and what would be better to leave behind, give away, sell or dispose of. Eliminating the excess will save you time and money when moving into your new home. $180 per three hour session 

Streamlined File Cabinet

Home Filing
Freedom Filer in Action

We'll enable you to easily find any filed document, important household and family records and keep tax-related paperwork orderly and ready for tax time using Freedom Filer, an easy to use, low maintenance filing system customized for you and your family’s needs. We’ll teach you which papers should be filed, how long to keep them and how to utilize the automatic purging features of the Freedom Filer system. Includes illustrated instruction and index cards to keep in your file drawer for reference. After our session, you’ll have the knowledge you need to continue filing on your own or we can provide further assistance on an as-needed or regularly scheduled basis.

$180 per three hour session

Check out and order the Freedom Filer System 

Organize and Style Service

Staging to Live

Home in need of organization and some style? Our affordable combined organizing and styling service is designed to help you give your home a warm and peaceful feeling by decluttering, implementing organizing solutions and creatively remixing your existing furnishings, accessories and treasured items for a more put-together and polished look. 


Just moving in? Let us help you transform your new house into a comfortable home- we'll even help you unpack! We can arrange furnishings, accessories, and decorate as well as organize your kitchens, closets, bathrooms and more. This service also makes a wonderful gift for young people setting up a household for the first time, empty nesters who need to downsize or for a loved one making the transition from a house to assisted living. We'll create a functional and inviting space to welcome them home. $180 per 3 hour session

How We Organize...

We'll tour your home, survey the areas you are concerned about, consider the existing storage and organizing options and create a plan to accomplish your vision. Then we'll begin by sorting into categories. Working together is best as we can accomplish alot

in a shorter period of time and you will have an opportunity to learn valuable organizing skills. However, if you would rather we do the work, we can pre-sort and categorize your things, allowing you to go through them quickly and decide (with the help of our recommendations) whether or not they should stay in the space, be given away, sold or discarded. Depending on your situation, the amount of things to go through and how fast you are able to make decisions, this portion of the project could be accomplished in a couple of hours or over a number of sessions with the option of some of the work being done on your own between appointments. 


When we’ve decided which items will be staying in the space and how they will be used,

we will determine together which organizing methods and products fit you and your family's natural routines, preferences and budget. Often people have several storage and organizing tools already in the home that we can utilize, saving the expense of buying a lot of new products. Then we will identify what supplies, if any, are needed, create a shopping list and provide shopping resources for you, either online or locally, or we can shop for you.


Once the needed items are on hand, we can put your organizing systems into place and teach you how to maintain them. If you like, we can set up regular maintenance sessions for fine-tuning and making any needed adjustments as your needs change.



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